National Service Scheme

At present the college is having NSS unit [Total Volunteer no is 150 (100 Boys & 50 Girls)].

“The classes for NCC and NSS are conducted on Saturday. A course is also running HPEY-5111 (NSS/NCC/Physical Education & Yoga Practices) of two credits the classes of which are also conducted on Saturday.”

Different NSS Activities:

Special Camp:-

NSS unit of Pt. Kishori Lal Shukla College of Horticulture and Research Station Rajnandgaon organized a special camp in the adopted village. This special camp was organized with the help of Gram Panchayat of the adopted village.

The Volunteers of the NSS unit performed many other activities – Village survey, Problem Identifying of the village, Awareness Programmes regarding Horticulture Technology, Literacy, Tree Plantation, Health and Hygiene, Construction and Repairs, Communal harmony etc.


  👉Volunteers interacted with Village people and visited the people in their houses discussed about their needs and requirements. Volunteers created awareness through door to door campaign on cleanliness, spread of diseases, and importance of environment and judicious use of Electricity, water harvesting and importance of ground water.  College of Horticulture, Rajnandgaon.

👉 In the camp volunteers organized a street play focused on the Social and Horticultural based Issues Local People shown their interest and awareness about this issue disseminated in the community.