History & Development of the Institution –


Pt. Kishori Lal Shukla College of Horticulture & Research Station was inaugurated on October 18th 2011, is one of the constituent colleges of Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, and is located at Rajnandgaon, on the National high way-53 (NH-53) in Chhattisgarh State. Geographically, the College campus is situated at 2109’ 71” N latitude 81003’02”E longitudes with an elevation of 307 m above MSL. The climatic conditions are quite congenial for cultivation of a wide array of horticultural crops. The under graduate programme started since 2011-12. Initially intake of students were 25and post graduate programme in three disciplines namely Vegetable Science, Fruit Science & Floriculture & Landscape architecture since 2017-18 with intake of 04 students in each discipline which provides both teaching and research opportunities of high order in an exceptionally pleasant environment. The College Campus encompasses over 12 acres farm land & one instructional farm of 26.10 acre at Bharregaon to cater the needs of teaching, research, training, seed production and plant propagation activities. This is the only full-fledged Institute providing horticulture education in central India.



Horticultural crops play an exceptional role in India’s economy by improving the income of the farmers and traders. Cultivation of these crops is labour intensive and as such they generate lot of employment opportunities for the rural population.




Pt. Kishori Lal Shukla College of Horticulture and Research Station, Rajnandgaon is serving as pioneer institute in Teaching, Horticulture Research and technology transfer for the farming community.




Chhattisgarh as a Horticultural State by 2030




•  Development of varieties / hybrids in horticultural crops
•  Generation of cost effective technology for the benefit of the farmers
•  Promotion of Market led Horticulture
•  Interfacing with Horticultural Industry
•  Human resource for Horticultural Industry
•  Participatory production system
•  Supply chain Management in horticultural crops
•  Standardization of precision production system


Accomplishment: –


Teaching: The college of Horticulture established in 2011 offers B.Sc. in Horticulture a multidisciplinary field involving vegetable science, Fruit science and post harvest technology to provide comprehensive scientific knowledge to solve the problem in Horticulture education. The success of horticulture education can be visualized from the success of horticulture graduate in private and public sector. This college runs experiential learning 40 credits and a total credit of degree programme is 142+40= 182.



The faculties of the various disciplines are actively involved in research activities by submitting their projects in ICAR, CGCOST, DMF NHM and University. The research activities begins as per local needs as budget received.


Based on the research findings scientist from the faculties are helping farmers in solving their practical problems. Moreover, sincere and dedicated efforts are put in ton popularize the recent technologies at national level through Radio and TV talks, publishing articles in the new papers and magazines conducting farmers trainings.